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02-09-2013, 07:14 PM
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Went shin shopping today. Got some funny looks for bringing my skates in to try on shins? They're the weirdos. Who buys protective gear without making sure it doesn't conflict with existing gear? End of the season so missing a lot of 14" shins.

My two cents:

Easton Stealth - shape was nice, but your knee doesn't sit inside the shin so much as on top of it. All that padding but it's just floating on top.

Bauer Nexus - nice shins, a bit bigger fitting, a little too big for me, knee does sit deeper but not super deep.

Bauer Vapor - not a fan, nice taper at the bottom but again just sat right on the knee. FYI that makes it slide around on me.

Bauer Supreme - good fit, fits slimmer, straps don't get very tight though.

CCM U12 - wanted to like these, but the straps were too loose and they sat on the leg rather than wrapping around it.

Warrior Bully - very, very close to buying these. Leg and knee fit SUPER deep into these. Very much wraps around your leg. Straps were a hair loose but not bad at all. Maybe not the most protective pad though.

Reebok 7k - I didn't bring my shins but figured I'd try these on for comparison and was surprised. They actually didn't interfere with my skates while inside the tongue and were more secure than the Bully. Also had a vented shell/liner. Bought them on clearance for $50.

At home, compared with the older 6k's, and while they are the same circumference edge to edge at the bottom, the 7k's were over 1/2" narrower across. They are also slightly narrower all around, so they are a bit narrower yet deeper than the old 6k's. Similar strapping system. Sure enough, the 6k's knocked into the skate tongues while the 7k's snuck underneath.

Score one for Reebok...improved their old design.

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