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02-09-2013, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
I understand it's been frustrating that we haven't won the cup since 1990, but neither have a big chunk of teams. Beyond that though we have to look at the team in phases, the 90's team, the early 2000's, the mid-2000's, late 2000's, and then now the 2010 and on version of the team. This is a team that still has a lot of growing to do. Look at most teams that have been competing for the cup, their stars have been in the league for a while and are used to the every day ins and outs of the game. Our kids just aren't at that point quite yet.

Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, and Schultz all have potential to be huge point producers over their careers, they are the guys that will be like the people you talked about above. Nuge will be a strong player in his own right and probably more of a two way force more along the Adam Oates mold. I think this year is still a year that will be up and down for them. Next year will probably see more ups then downs, and by the year after all the kids will know their games and be dangerous in their own rights on every night.
I understand that things COULD turn out as you say. Im not even saying they won't.

But when Chicago won their Cup Towes was dominant. You could just see his hockey sense oozing. When players are that elite, you see it very early.

I'm not seeing the same thing with our group...again Schultz looks dynamite. Ebs, RNH look promising. Hall....meh. I think his career has all kinds of promise, but I worry, again as I said in my first post, he may not be the staw that stirs the drink....

But, I appreciate your input. Im certainly willing to be patient, as long as I see something to hold on to...

Maybe i just need to get out more!

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