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02-09-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by oilersfan11 View Post
The Oilers would need one of the three if they are going to trade Taylor Hall.

1)Top defenseman
2)Talented-big centreman
3)Top power-forward
This ^ if it were happening at all, especially nos. 1 and 2.

But this subject has been reviewed extensively, before and since Yakupov and even J. Schultz. Unless/until there is some other dynamic, Oilers will not trade, and especially not trade Hall, who is like their identity guy.

I once asked, if yankees offered mantle and ford for ted williams, do you make that trade? It makes you a better team, arguably, given importance of pitching.

Same thing, there is an emotional attachment and only massive overpay beyond all reason will do it.

For example, I have consider Girardi basically equal value for Hall, and would be amenable to small plus added. But they consider Girardi closer to Hemsky +, which is not anywhere near close.

Even Staal, it's not Marc Staal straight up, it's Staal +.

The only D they view as straight up is McDonagh.

Until there can be some meeting in the middle, some consensus of the minds, with balanced add ons, Edmonton and New York will not be able to agree to swap any of their respective strengths for improved balance.

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