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02-09-2013, 07:39 PM
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Snorting cocaine before making physical efforts is very dangerous for your cardiovascular system.Even a young healthy male with no heart problem in his 20s could have an infarct or a stroke under such circumstances.

Even if cocaine could help an athlete perform at a higher level in the short term , it wouldn't take very long until his overall condition is affected to the point where his performances will get worst and worst due to cocaine addiction and all the effects that comes with it , such as psychological problems and bad eating and sleeping habits.

My guess is it would take between 1 and 2 years , but with the amount of cash the players are making , it is possible the problem will get out of control way quicker than normal people who actually has to find money to maintain their addiction.

Also while cocaine MIGHT help you in some ways , I'm not entirely sure that is true.If the player is already on the small side , cocaine will prevent him from gaining/maintaining the necessary fat/muscle to be at a reasonable weight/strenght level to compete against larger players.I don't think cocaine will help your on-ice vision that much either , maybe a very good high on any given night could give the player a small advantage , but this advantage will be balanced by the negative effect it'll have on the on-ice vision on any given night where the player is not feeling that well despite taking cocaine.The longer the addiction , the more often these bad nights will happen and the less often the good ones will occur.

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