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Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
It's definitely true you can't compare numbers straight across eras. Here's how they compare in terms of sv% rankings leaguewide among goalies with 35+ GP in their years as starters:


87-88: 19th
88-89: 6th
89-90: 18th
90-91: 26th
91-92: 5th
92-93: 16th
93-94: 25th
94-95: 11th
95-96: 34th
96-97: 31st


00-01: 7th
01-02: 10th
02-03: 9th
03-04: 3rd
05-06: 9th
06-07: 4th
07-08: 13th
08-09: 4th
09-10: 16th
10-11: 3rd
11-12: 12th

McLean finished in the top 15 in sv% 3 times in his 10 year career as a starter; Luongo has done it 10 of 11 years with the only exception being 09-10 where he had to recover from a brutal injury and still ended up in 16th. McLean was also pretty much out of the league by the time he was Luongo's age.

In my mind there really isn't even a comparison, though I tend to base my opinions on players' larger bodies of work as opposed to focusing on the playoffs.
Thanks for posting this. Also add that in the first half of McLean's career there were only 21 teams and that crept up to what 26, 27 by the time he finished. For Luongo it's always been 30 so that also makes his numbers stand out a little more by comparison.

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