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02-09-2013, 09:10 PM
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Yikes the horrible trade ideas are flying in here.

ROR and a top 5 pick for Phaneuf, Gards and Kulemin is beyond horrible dahg. Phaneuf has a bloated contract and is not playing well. He would be Stastny 2.0 but way worse.
Gardiner is in the AHL and I feel that he will always have major questionmarks on the defensive side of the game. And Kulemin is better than last year but his 30 goal season was an absolute fluke and he will be off to Pittsburgh the first chance he gets.

Trading a Top5 pick is not an option. You say we have filled these holes with EJ and our Centers. Guess what? McKinnon and Jones are way better than what we have. Rather see them develop and then move one of our Centers.

X- Jones/Johnson
Siemens - Jones/Johnson
X - Barrie/Elliott

is as solid as we can hope for.
Phaneuf - EJ
Gardiner- X(ROB? SOB? even Hejda (LD)?)
Siemens - Barrie/ Elliott

is further along but way too much money committed to a mediocre defense.
WIth Jones and Johnson you have 2 #1 defenseman.

And if we can get MacKinnon, we will have Sakic / Forsberg all over again with him and Duchene.

So please don't do the Leafs any favors and leave our pick alone.

Oh and whoever: Don't get me started on Bouwmeester? Seriously?
He is the last thing we should trade for in our situation. Guy has never made the playoffs in his career and basically sucks for what he is paid. I am certainly not trading ROR for him...

My plan:

-Fire Sacco and the whole FO.

-Solve the ROR mess. If it means trading him than go for a first pairing dman.

-Pick BPA. (Hopefully one of MacKinnon, Jones, Drouin, Barkov, Lindholm, Monahan or even Nichushkin)

-Ask Hejduk gently if he really wants to play another year.

-Get rid of our 214124123213 depth dmen and see how far along Siemens, Barrie or Elliott are. Keep them if it is not hurting their development. If they will make mistakes, they make mistakes. Don't care. We are not contending for a cup anyways.

-Trade Jones for whatever you can get

-Convince Kroenke that he needs to pretend that he cares about the Avs and look at a 4 yr x 25 M deal for Semin. He is the goalscorer we are missing. If he wants more or has no interest in signing with us , it is no biggie. As already said we are not contending but a guy with Semins talent does not often hit the market and usually generates a much higher interest so at least take a shot at it.

-Reevaluate our medical staff.

-Reevaluate the Stastny situation and trade him if necessary (if there are indications of him walking)

-Look around if you can find a gem in the FA market (preferably a dman)

-Play a more enjoyable style of hockey

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