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12-17-2003, 06:46 AM
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One more thing on the Hemsky Frolov thing. Frolov and Hemsky both have 22 points. They are both loved by thier fans and thier teammates. The difference to me is that Frolov is a +11 and Hemsky is a -8. Frolov is the better of the two in my mind without a doubt. Not knocking Hemsky, he's a dandy but Frolov isn't close to giving us his best yet and Hemsky looks like he is playing up to his solid talent. Don't really know, just what it looks like to me.

Frolov being so much better in the +/- could be attributed to several things but I will always say that it reflects on two things that seperate Frolov from most young players, Nash and Spezza included.
Frolov is dedicated to playing a complete game and plays a style that makes it appear that what is happening in his own end is as important as what is happening in his opponents end. To me, that says that Frolov is more mature as a player and will develope faster and it also says that he has the better long term potential.

Or so it looks to me.

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