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Originally Posted by papershoes View Post
that still doesn't mean it doesn't have performance enhancing qualities. a quick search of some scientific databases certainly provides a link between stimulants (of which cocaine is included) and performance enhancement.

"Stimulants offer one of the broadest categories of performance enhancing drugs. Stimulants include common everyday substances like coffee or cold medicine, and also include street drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. Stimulants have become popularized as performance enhancing drugs because oftheir ability to reduce fatigue, suppress appetites, and increase alertness and aggression (Mayo Clinic, 2008). Ephedrine is a stimulant that has become popular among athletes, most notably hockey players. Users of ephedrine find that the drug makes them 'feel less fatigued, experience bursts of energy, and lose weight' (Fernandez, Hosey, 2009, p. 20)." (Samb, 2011)

The book "Drugs in Sports", by David Mottram also has a nice chapter on stimulant use as a potential performance-enhancer in sports.

My point, and getting back to the Krutov debate, is that he seems to be the only player slammed because of his perceived doping in the literature (though others have posted literature about his depression and inability to adjust - which we seem to ignore) and punished by dropping his ATD value. Yet, a player like Guy Lafleur's party lifestyle and substance abuse, and declining statistics and play, are ignored outside of his brilliant peak. Why isn't Guy's value decreased? There have been numerous allegations regarding cocaine, or other substance, use in print for other players (including an SI article on the 80's Oilers) but, all of these guys get a free pass with little discussion. And, completely un-related to substance abuse, Mark Messier was terrible in his Vancouver years and final years, but no-one ever discusses dropping his ATD value into a mid-range between his peak and low-level output.
You come here will all this scientific crap while anyone who used cocaine or knows people who used cocaine know fairly well how quickly your performances will drop by using it regularly which will happen in the majority of cases.These guys are describing the short term effects of the drugs , not the long term ones , and by long term I really mean one year.

And while I'm at it , even in the short term cocaine won't help you perform better the next day.Whether or not a player goes to a strip club to snort cocaine on a stipper's fat ass as nothing to do with how he'll perform the night after.If anything he'll just be ****ed up the next morning.

I also fail to see the comparison between Messier and Krutov , Messier was 37 years old when he moved to Vancouver , not 29.What a player does after 37 years old is often more a bonus than anything else.

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