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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
Allllllll right guys. Enough with the discussion of personal cocaine usage.
Yeah, I was threatened with a lawsuit by a friend of Rob Brown (who sent me nasty PMs) by my merely citing a legal accusation filed against him that he was not convicted of in the end.

Claims of illegal activity against unconvicted individuals is an indictable offense. Defamation of character, libel, etcetera.

I have been a teaching assistant as a grad student in university in a Philosophy of Law course and yet I have committed the faux pas of re-citing unproven-in-court public allegations against a hockey player. I narrowly avoided a court case against me. Strenous apologies were necessary, even though I had merely cited a court-submitted indictment against (that had failed eventually, which I should have mentioned, apparently).

Remember: O.J. Simpson was NOT technically convicted of murder in a criminal court (with the standard of evidence of: beyond a reasonable doubt), but was convicted of kidnapping. Ouch! A split hair. He was convicted in a civil court, but that was in terms of "responsibility" not "murder" and the standard of evidence was balance of probability. The end result? Legally, tthe judgements were that he probably did it (civil court) but there wasn't enough evidence to be certain (criminal court).

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