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Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
You mis-understand my point. It was not that Petrecki was a bad pick, it's that DW is throwing him onto waivers and essentially giving up on him. DW has a habit of treating 1st-round picks like they don't matter, and it shows up in the teams lack of depth in forwards (at the moment) and defense (in the past).
The bulk of your post seems to contradict this.

Regarding "first round picks don't matter".

They do matter. It is just that with this team, the value is diminished. Those first-round picks are typically going to bring moderate talent to a roster that requires much more than that to crack it. This is why DW/Burke keep swinging for the fences...a safe 3rd/2nd liner will do nothing here. We saw what happened to players like Marcel Goc, etc. They floundered because they could not get playing time.

2003 - Takes Michalek 6th overall, passes over Ryan Suter (who went next) despite a need for defensive depth at the time.
At the time, DW's stated goal was to make the playoffs, and we had a need for a player who was NHL ready. Michalek was not only a former candidate for the first overall pick, but was widely considered the most NHL-ready.

2003 - Trades up from 21 to 16 to take Steve Bernier, passing up Parise (#17), Getzlaf (#19), Brent Burns (#20), and Corey Parry (#28).
At the time, people were quite excited with this pick. Sharks chose to take someone who had more of the power-forward reputation. At the time, I know that the Sharks were considering taking Getzlaf at that position, but did not due to concerns over skating speed and over an organizational belief that they already had too many centers. Remember, that at the time, San Jose had Marleau, Goc, and Boyes at the center position. SJ felt that they could work with Bernier over his defensive-zone responsibility.

I'm 80% certain that Parise was passed because of size.

2004 - Trades up from #28 to #21 in order to draft Kaspar. Passes up Meszaros (#22), Cory Schneider (#26), and Mike Green (#29).
Kaspar was billed as a potential Marian Hossa at the time, someone who could provide more value to our lineup. Schneider would have never had a role in an organization so deep in net. Mike Green most likely would never have developed as he did in our system. Meszaros hurts, but you can't win them all.

2005 - Trades up from #12 to #8 to take Setoguchi. Passes up Kopitar (#11) and Marc Staal (#12).
This one hurts. Kopitar would have been a great pick, but remember, the Sharks were not the only organization to pass him over. Many had concerns over him. I would also be reasonably certain that SJ passed on Staal due to organization depth at that position. Remember, at the time, they had Carle (looking like a potential Norris winner), Stuart (looking like a potential Norris winner), Preissing (had a fantastic rookie season), Hannan (just come down shutting down Peter-freaking-Forsberg), Fahey (another great rookie season; would have won the Calder with a full 82-games), Ehrhoff, and Gorges.

2006 - Trades up from #20 to #16 in order to take Ty Wishart. Claude Giroux goes #22 and Patrick Berglund #25. #20 is used to take David Fischer.
Not much explanation I can give here, save that 21 teams passed on Giroux....Wishart was, IIRC, Giles Cote's man.

2007 - Trades the 2007 Sharks 1st (#22) and Josh Gorges for Craig Rivet. #22 is used to take Max Pacioretty.
Again, a late first-round pick usually ends up in a top-9 forward or a #4/5 defenseman. That player was not going to provide too much value for the Sharks. Besides, Rivet was eventually traded for two seconds.

2007 - Trades pick #26 (acquired from the Devils as part of the Malakhov deal) plus Niememan and Barribal for Bill Guerin. Pick #26 is used to take David Perron.
See above argument. You can't just use who WAS picked at that position (and even given that, that he would develop the exact same way). That pick coudl just have easily been Angelo Esposito or Petrecki....

2007 - Trades up from #13 (acquired from Toronto in Toskala deal) to #7 to draft Couture. #13 is used to take Lars Eller
This one I give to you. Couture, after all, is a terrible player.

2007 - Trades two 2nds (2007 and 2008) for pick #28, which is used to draft Petrecki.
I love how this time, you omit the players taken with those second-round picks. Without even looking, I'm going to guess those players are busts or fringe NHLers.

2008 - Trades the 2008 1st (#26) plus Bernier for Brian Campbell. #26 is used to draft Tyler Ennis.
See the above argument.

2009 - Traded away 2009 1st (#26) with Carle and Wishart for Dan Boyle. The 26th is used to draft Kyle Palmieri. Dylan Olsen goes #28.

I would trade Carle, Wishart, and Palmieri for Boyle alone. No question. Have you seen how important Boyle is to the Sharks? And about Olsen...has he even scored a goal in the AHL yet?

2010 - Actually uses 2010 1st (#28) to draft Charlie Coyle.

2011 - Trades Coyle, Setoguchi, and 2011 1st (#28) for Burns (who he passed over in 2003 for Kaspar). #28 becomes Zach Phillips.
And the Sharks acquired a 2nd-round pick. Why do you omit that?

That trade is actually looking better and better for the Sharks. Ironically, Burns is exactly the player you want the Sharks to acquire when they trade youth, just like you were for the offer sheet the Sharks made to Hjlamarsson. Burns is young and signed long-term...

If DW would simply hold on to the Sharks 1st-rounders, this team would have been so much better off by now.
Assuming that they drafted the same players, with the same development route, as they did in this reality. Which, considering the Sharks's depth, would have been highly unlikely.

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