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02-09-2013, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Tyskie View Post
This team needs a small shake up. Nothing earth shattering, just something show certain guys that their place here needs to be earned.

On that note, I have no clue whats happened with Greening. I had high hopes for him this year. Sophomore slump I guess but the guy is what, 26 now? Light a fire under those boots.
I'm pretty sure I was quite vocal about Greening's value being at it's absolute peak during the offseason. He had nowhere to go but down.

Taken off a line in which Spez & Michalek could inflate his numbers, the guy is a 3rd 4th liner, tops. I made comparisons to guys like Trent Klatt, who had 40pt years in his mid-20's when put on a 1st line that didn't mesh with his other career numbers, but was told "I was out to lunch".

I like his game, but there is almost nothing special about him, outside of his speed. He's a good foot soldier. That is all.

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