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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Open to interpretation, see below.

Don't believe the total return insults Pens. You got 2 all star D, a net of one additional high quality; also Pitt nets 2 useful Cs. You ignore both of these facts.
Being good players (and that's debateable on Boyle) does make them useful to Pittsburgh. Stepan isn't displacing Crosby or Malkin on the top 2 lines, and doesn't provide the skillset Sutter does as a 3rd line center. He has no position here.

Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
As a result unarguably you do have a better D, and you have more depth. The transgression upon me is for varying outside the OP which sought a top W straight up. My prop asks you to think outside the box, consider you can repurpose some assets required and/or some assets you had which are NOW expendable, and come up with either a top W, or perhaps 2 significant Ws.

However, having been empowered by my suggestion, you then have to follow through and decide to what follow up you choose.
So in your world, the Penguins should still trade a 40 goal winger in Neal, for a defenseman, who is a very good player, to them either trade this defenseman or another defensemen on the roster to replace Neal?

OK. I have an additional proposal.

Neal for Girardi, straight up.
Then, the Penguins offer the Rangers Paul Martin for James Neal.

Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Letang approx = Staal
Girardi is most of Neal

Stepan + Boyle are known commodities, another fact you ignore, + with a second are not unreasonable vs. two firsts likely to be late.

You did not acknowledge that productive players have established worth. Picks obviously have value, but you still have to both hope they make it big, and almost without exception you have to wait for them to develop.
Tyler Kennedy has scored more goals in the NHL than the Rangers upcoming 1st round pick. Ray Shero will do you a favor and give Kennedy to you for the low, low price of 1 first round pick

Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Hey! Watch it or I'll have to call you for misconduct and unsportsmanlike.

If you prefer that instead of keeping all of them and putting, say, Malkin on W. Or just another example of the flexibility I created is you could move one of your D [supplanted by Girardi] for a sniper straight up, or add one of the Fs for presumably a better sniper, or two snipers.

That's also possible.
Staal + X for Letang + Y

That's your diagnosis, not mine. Physician, heal thyself.

I didn't say they do a straight up 1 for 1 swap, even though Pens would have slightly better D and Rangers would have better offense with expert puck mover. Rangers do not want to move their snipers, so came up with alternate values since you have scoring already, with the assets you acquire able to suggest getting 1-2 better Ws.

You lack a grasp of the obvious.
Tangradi past his prime <<<< than Stepan slowly entering his prime.

Surely, you are worthy of better comments...
First, Tangradi has never had a prime...just like Boyle! But that two year age gap between Tangradi and Stepan, clearly one has peaked and the other only just beginning.

You believe Boyle is worth a first in return since he was drafted in the first...

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