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02-09-2013, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by finchster View Post
Before I offer Rask 5-6+ million my concern is can Rask be the Bruins best player? I have no doubt he can be a starter, I have no doubt he can be a very good NHL starter, but can he be our best player like Thomas was on many nights? Can he steal games or a playoff round? Can he be the difference between winning and losing night after night? There is a difference between being a good young goaltender, which the NHL seems to have many of these days, and being "the man".
He's already been the B's best player several nights this season, and has stolen games. The only way you will know about the playoffs is when he gets there.

I realize he played poorly when PRO lost to Portland in the playoffs, but what was that, 08-09, or 4 years ago when he was 21?? There are very, very few goalies that are consistent at that age, and that PRO team did not give up many shots, which I believe was actually a detriment for Rask.

He's at his best when he's seeing a decent amount of shots and into the game. My personal opinion is that it's much harder for a young goalie to function as a backup and work every 4 games, than it is to be the #1.This is why I have believed for the last couple of years that Rask would have no problem taking the #1 role over from TT when the time came.

I think 5 mil is fair, but I'm hoping for 4.75 per.

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