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07-06-2006, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Go back and re-read my post please.
Ryder get top minutes because the Habs don't have better. If a 50 goal scorer came along Ryder would be out ( right !)
Or put it to you this way, if Steve Begin would become a 40 goal scorer he would beat out Ryder for his spot. As good as Ryder is, I wish the Habs to get bettter, therefore Ryder is in thier until someone comes along that's BETTER. With Prez and Kost next year and if one of them breaks out then Ryder might lose his spot.

I wish Ryder to lose his spot, not because I don't like him but because someone came along that's better. Better means better.

Is it going to happen next year, well I doubt it also, but lets get things right, last year nobody the Habs have could beat him out, this year two have the potential, next year maybe two more and so on. Ryder is vulnerable because of his defence and lack of creativity. He is not slow but his is no speed skater either.

Thier will come a time when the Habs MUST assess Ryder against others on the Habs and decide to trade him before his production goes down for maximum trade value. Right now it's high, this year it will still be high because I don't see Prez or Kost become instant 45 goal scorers ( not yet). me one Habs player that has scored more goals then Ryder the last two seasons combined...

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