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02-09-2013, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post

another game we lost mostly because of goaltending. not just our own, but Holtby was magnificent for Washington.

we dominated the first period and came out of it down 1-0. that seemed to give washington energy and take the wind out of our sails. it was all downhill after that.

while im not putting the blame solely on theodore, - our guys need to show a little (alot) more fight/resiliency than that - he wasn't good either. he's been very erratic this year, to say the least. on the other end, holtby played incredibly well, any chance we had to recapture momentum he shut the door. and we had plenty in the first half of that game. so don't tell me that we just didn't show up to play.

and yes i realize holtby has been abysmal so far this season. that just further proves my point. the caps have been getting terrible goaltending this season and you see where that has put them in the standings. today, they got good goaltending in the first and it completely changed their game. they looked great in the second and third, full of energy and tenacity and...confidence!

goaltending is the most important position in all of sports. anyone that has ever played the game knows that one bad goal can completely change the momentum of a game, and consistently bad goaltending can change the confidence of a team. once you stop trusting your goalie, everything falls apart.

meanwhile: in san antonio (posted an hour ago)

give the kid his chance. anyone who thinks a bump in our goaltending wouldn't make a huge difference is insane.
Of course better goaltending would help, I will not argue that point. But goaltending is not the biggest problem with this team. Bringing up Marky would be like taking a Tylenol for a broken leg. Probably woulndnt hurt, may even help, but really not gonna change a whole lot.

Panthers are being outscored 2 to 1 at even strength, good for last in the league. That is a damning statistic. No amount of goaltending will compensate for the 18 (18!!!!!) other players that are sucking up the joint.

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