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07-06-2006, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
is exactly what Prucha's confidence needs. He was clearly behind Rucinsky on the depth chart, then excelled when Rucinsky was hurt, then behind him again, then hur when Rucinsky was gone again, and behind him again when he returned, and thus would be behind him if he's here again this season. I liked Rucinsky. I just don't think this team needs him at this point - he was a great bridge, and provided insurance if a guy like Prucha wasn't ready to go - but it's time to move away.

Sykora I'm still indifferent about. Not a big fan of his at all, but there aren't a lot of right wing options out there.
I agree on both parts. To sign Rucinsky means one of two things. One scenario is to have Prucha on the 3rd line, which would be criminal. Such a move would do nothing but stunt Prucha's confidence and development. Or a miracle would occur and Rucinsky would be behind Pruch on the depth chart and on the 3rd line. However, what that would mean is that either Helminen or Dawes (the other two forwards who have given every signal that they are ready) would get shafted. Helminen, if Renney decides to be loyal to Moore & Betts and not give Helminen a shot to replace either. As such, Moore would never have the chance to go to wing and fight it out with Dawes for the LW spot, as Rucinsky would already be entrenched there.
There is simply no room on a rebuilding team for a 36 year old obstruction penalty taking machine who would do nothing but block a spot from a would-be rookie or, worse yet, push down the team's second best goal scoring option.

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