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02-09-2013, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
The Habs played their worst game of the year by far and were beaten by the Leafs in every department. Toronto looked really good from the goalie out.

Really unfortunate they had to completely ruin with two of the lowest possible plays in hockey. Colton Orr with the blatant attempt to take out the Habs best player when the game is completely out of reach. Then Grabovski with a freaking bite? I always knew the guy was a fairy but wtf. No words for that. Hopefully the league reviews both.

Not to mention tough guy 6'1 whatever his name is dropping them against one of the smallest players in the league.

The Leafs showed some great skill tonight. But just a complete lack of sportsmanship and class. Too bad.
You need to watch the timeline of the third period. Your post is useless because you have no idea how and why things developed. Incidents are followed by reaction - whether legal or illegal.

Orr ran Plekanac for throwing his stick across the ice and Prust's targetting of our 2nd line. Point to him if you are looking for someone to blame because the Leafs don't give a ****. This is about team protection and team building. Don't expect to get away with none sense.

And McClaren wasn't throwing anything until tiny tim Georges thought he was a tough guy and started tossing them. If McClaren was going even 50%, the result would have been far worse. Georges wasn't even getting hit, McClaren was just laughing at Georges attempted punches.

As for Grabo, heat of the moment. I don't condone what he did. I would imagine that he bit Max, but there is no conclusive evidence of such an event. So nothing will come of it.

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