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02-09-2013, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by sjaustin77 View Post
I shouldn't even give you the time with that type of response to me, but what does this have to do with what I was talking about? Someone said his production has stayed about the same. It clearly has not. And we are talking about trade value. We got Recchi and a 2nd for Lashoff & Karsums. And while salary doesn't matter much this year Recchi only made $1.5M so the Bruins could afford to sign him the next year without losing good roster players.

I know what Recchi's production was and it wasn't that far off Iginla's. I provided information that backed up my point. How about you do something useful and look it up yourself? No wait, I'll do it. The last 3 years plus year of the trade to Boston it was always between 23:17 & 24:22, except for his 19 games with Pittsburgh where it was 39:07 the year before coming to Boston. Recchi also had more SHTOI and less PP time than Iginla further equalizing the production.

With Boston Recchi was at 18:25, 32:08 & 27:11 in the cup season. Playoffs it was 31:04, 25:20, 28:51. Iginla's last 3 playoffs - 35:48, 17:40, 31:24.

Iginla is better and plays more minutes so he is more valuable but hasn't been much more productive. In the playoffs he has 2 worse years than Recchi's and 1 better year and hasn't made it out of the 1st round in any of them. He is a 12 game rental depending on time of trade, that isn't close to his prime, only slightly improves the B's chances this year, and could hurt them going forward. He isn't worth a cornerstone player or losing pieces off our roster.

Next time you want information that is different from what I am talking about you can look it up yourself. If you think he is worth more than back up your point if you have one, and you can leave out all the snark and telling me what to do. Thanks.
You know what? I wouldn't have responded to me either. Sorry for the snark, it was uncalled for and since I hate when i see others do it I'm embarrassed by it.

I only read this last night from the top of the last page and I thought you were throwing numbers out there to further some pointless agenda. Now I see that you were responding to someone else's point. It won't happen again.

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