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02-09-2013, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by smithformeragent View Post
Dead on, says the poli sci guy

For me, it'd be like going back stage to meet Maroon 5. I just would have zero interest in meeting them because I don't like them and there would no prestige on my end.

It's a real shame that a guy like Muhammed Ali can make a political statement and be glorified by the media in retrospect, but Tank gets vilified. Not looking to turn this into a political discussion, but it's obvious that some in the Boston media had an axe to grind for sure when it came to TT.

As for TT "quitting on the team", I mentioned this in another thread. How is he a bad guy for wanting to spend time with his family, yet the guys on the Big Bad Bruins that took the money and bailed for the WHA get a free pass?
I don't disagree that the Boston sports journos had a double standard with regards to TT and the White House, but the point of comparison should be Theo Epstein (whose non-show went mostly unnoticed), not Muhammad Ali, for pete's sake.

Ali keeps getting brought up in relation to TT, but the comparison is ludicrous on so many levels. Ali (Clay) was in fact vilified by the mainstream media for his draft evasion on conscientious objector grounds, but that's hardly the entire price he paid. He was arrested, stripped of his title and license, and couldn't box for several years (four IIRC). He fought his case all the way to the Supreme Court. He was also a black man in an era of highly polarized racial tensions, a Nation of Islam convert, and, oh yeah, the single most famous athlete in the planet (quite possibly the single most famous name worldwide, period). What's more, he was not shy about expressing his opinions in any forum...quite the contrary.

I respect Thomas for expressing himself as a citizen as well as for the struggles he's had to overcome on his road to the summit of hockey, but you just can't compare him with Ali without simplifying reality to the point of falsehood, and without, in a sense, doing a disservice to both men. So please, let's keep Ali out of this.

I do wish TT well, am grateful for what he gave to this franchise, and hope Tuukka will clear the crease of Canucks and the like with as much bear-like ferocity!

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