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02-09-2013, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
I was ashamed when I read that article. The fact that neither Burnside, Lebrun, or their editors seem to know that Couturier can only play for Canada is pathetic, especially since multiple people on twitter and in the comments have tried to correct them. My expectations are so low for ESPN as they've become the Fox News of sports but I do understand that so many casual fans or potential fans look to them for their hockey coverage and they're doing the sport no favors with such poor knowledge.

Not only does Burnside list an ineligible as a real possibility but he then goes on to leave Phil Kessel off the roster (without explanation) and Pacioretty but includes guys like Stepan, Gally and Malone in favor of them. Tom Gilbert on his team because of "chemistry" with Suter after less than 10 games together on the Wild in which Gilbert has already been demoted off a pairing with Suter? And his contention that Team USA is "overmatched" up front by Sweden is a ridiculous and gross exaggeration from a hack writer.

Lebrun's picks are much more sound (although leaving off McDonagh is indefensible in my opinion) however.

Espn does some decent hockey features. It's not completely worthless. Although I will say that I'd stopped really taking burnside seriously for awhile now. This just confirmed he's completely clueless. I still respect Lebrun. I don't know if he read burnside's article or not so ill give him the benefit of the doubt. Makes me wonder about these guys qualifications sometimes though.

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