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02-09-2013, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post

When I said this a few weeks back, folks should realize that it goes both ways. The club did get off to a great start and has now run into the ditch. Yeah we got clobbered tonight but we're not as bad as the team we iced. We weren't as good as the team that started 6-1 but we're not as bad as what we saw tonight. There are some positive developments that we've seent this season not the least of which is the addition of the Gallys.

Just stay cool, watch what the team does in the coming weeks and how it reacts. Maybe we're better than last year (I suspect we are) or maybe not. And if we're not then we shouldn't go freaking out. We knew it was a possibility and if it comes to fruition then let's hope that management takes the rebuilding path.

It's not a sprint, it's a marathon and there will be ups and downs. People who keep switching their opinions based on one or two wins or losses aren't worth paying attention to.
We're not as bad as the team that lost 6-0 to Toronto, but we're probably a team that ties Toronto 2-2 or 3-3. We're equivalent to Toronto, maybe a little worse, maybe a little better. I would think equivalent, I had both Toronto and Montreal as bottom-5 teams in the conference in my predictions at the start of the year.

We also shouldn't throw away data on the basis of "small sample size". The games against Boston and Toronto demonstrate a significant problem with this team: we're small, and we're forced to play a soft perimeter game against big, physical teams. That is a fundamental weakness.

We can have short guys on our team, like Gallagher, Desharnais, and Gionta; we just can't have three of them.

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