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02-09-2013, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ottawa View Post
So you're saying Bourque deserved to come in and get punched even though he wasn't coming to fight Orr but only to defend Gionta by separating them? Bourque didn't even have his gloves off while Orr did, he definitely wasn't there to drop them and fight or he would have skated up to him with his gloves off. Like I said, watch the game before making a decision...there is no doubt in my mind he was there just to separate the fight and save Gionta from getting beat up.
It's the refs job to separate players. Sorry, but players shouldn't be trying to be playing peacemaker in a scrum between a team mate and a player from the opponent. Both of them are in a heighten state of adrenaline and are well in the fight response, so anyone they conceive might be a possible threat is going to get the response that Bourque did.

It's also why linemen who jump into a scrum ASAP are really risking injury to not only the two players but to themselves as well. It's always best to let the players tire themselves out and get past the fight response and have less of an adrenaline rush before getting between them.

Orr did what anyone who has his role and was in that situation would do. Bourque only has himself to blame.

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