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02-09-2013, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post

Yes, Grabovski is a little skilled player but he has the heart of a lion.

He isn't going out there looking for fights, but if someone goes after his teammate he doesn't let it go (Prust going after Komarov).

The fight I am talking about is Chris Neil going after a Leaf rookie and trying to get him to fight. Grabovski stood up as a true veteran and protected a teammate even though he was outmatched.

Thanks for the proof. Grabovski pushing Neil from behind with NO INTENTION of fighting (I guess he does proove that he is intelligent...), keep his gloves and all till, with the ref by his side....and then tries to surprise Neil with a punch....missed....and the rest is history. I just want to see Grabovski, one day, AWAY from the any refs, pull a guy aside and go at it to protect a teamate and proove how tough he is.

Fine if you don't let go. Fine if you are there protecting a teamate. But if it counts for Orr punching Bourque because Bourque wanted to protect a teamate....why can't it count for Prust punching Grabovski? If Orr was right to punch Bourque...why wouldn't Prust be right to punch Grabs? Same freakin situation.

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