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Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
The argument that I agree with is that Muzzin has been playing very sheltered minutes, and still isn't looking that great. It would be one thing if he was forced to play some hard minutes, but ultimately, there comes a time when you have to turn that potential into results.

While I agree it is too early to give up on Muzzin, I also don't think he will develop into anything worthwhile if he's struggling with sheltered minutes. Either he should accept as the 7th defenseman with the occasional game to build his confidence again, or Kings management should roll the dice and risk putting him on waivers (or trade him if they think they'll lose him).

It's not so much about his potential anymore right now. The team is trying to win, and his current play isn't fostering that. And that's why he's going to have to accept being the 7th defenseman... Martinez should be looking over his shoulder if he continues to struggle as well, because this gives Muzzin the opportunity to try to take his spot.
You make some fine points.

Here is where we differ.

You are in essence asking a true rookie, a kid who has been playing in the minor leagues with a grand total of 11 games 3 years ago to come into situation where a team that has enormous expectations is struggling due to the loss of two of its key veteran players (at least partly) to come in and not only cover one of these two key vets but also turn things around for the team..

Muzzin is a solid rookie prospect NHL caliber defenceman. He has NHL skill and is showing that he can compete at the NHL level so far. What he isn't (nor is any other prospect save the very few elite Doughty, Stevens, Potvin, Robinson etc true rookies) capable of doing is stepping in as a true rookie and replace a top pairing D man who plays a different style of game then he does.

He can only come in and at best be the 3rd pairing (I have always projected him to be a 4/6 dman who can skate, use his body and provide a bit of offence once he has established himself) dman that he is asked to be and that is only after he has a chance to adjust to the entirely different level of play that the NHL provides.

If we were bringing Muzzin in with WM and MG in the line up to play as our 7th d who gets worked into the line up slowly he would fit in just fine in the same manner that AMart did when he was brought up.

If we were bringing Muzzin in when only one or the other of WM or MG were missing and asking him to step in and fill in the best he could for either one of those guys he would do allot better due to the fact that we would only be missing one or the other of our key vets and we would be able to cover Muzz better while he adjusts to the NHL.

We aren't doing either of those things. We have thrown Muzzin into a terrible situation for a rookie and have paired him with a player who, as our #7d has played in 18games over the past two years. To put it in perspective DavisD over the past two seasons has played in as many games as Muzzin has ever played in the NHL.

Now I think that DavisD could easily make several NHL rosters as a 3rd pairing guy (not all but several) and I think he is a solid journeyman D but he hasn't played enough over the past couple of seasons to be able to go in and fill the skates of WM or MG and try to bring Muzzin along too.

He is just the wrong guy to do that job.

Muzzin is a rookie and he is having his ups and downs, good games and not so good games but given time and coverage he will be fine. Where he will flesh out is open for debate but he has proven under these not so great circumstances that he can compete at the NHL level and that is a great sign for a kid who has played in 8 games so far this season and 19 games total in the NHL.

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