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02-10-2013, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
The thing is you dont win consistently with smurf like teams. Hasnt work in Montreal.
The Detroit Red Wings have consistently been one of the smallest teams in the NHL during the last decade and they went several years without having a real "tough guy" on their roster before they added Tootoo this summer. Didn't stop them from reaching the playoffs every year and going to two Stanley Cup finals.

Lasting success comes from choosing a team identity and then building the best possible team for that identity. There is no one-size fits all solution to winning hockey games, you can win by being a quick, skilled team playing puck-possession just as well as you can win by being big, tough and intimidating, the key is that you build the best possible team based on the identity you want to have and the style you want to play. If you want to play a game based on speed and skill, singing a bunch of big, lumbering meatheads from Western Canada will be counter-productive.

It's pretty obvious looking at this board that a lot of the posters here are suffering from Bruins-syndrome, because they have had success by playing a physical, intimidating style of hockey some of you instantly feel that we need to match them and try to beat them using their style instead of improving upon our own. The harsh reality is that both our team and our prospect pool were assembled with an entirely different style of play in mind, trying to emulate the Bruins now would have absolutely disastrous results and rebuilding this entire team from top to bottom to play a more Bruins-like game would take at least half a decade, if not more. That would mean a long drought without a playoff appearance and certainly no Cups.

The material we have on our current roster is best suited for a game based on speed, if we want to get back into the playoffs and even win a cup any time soon that has to be the core of our identity. Deviating from that identity is not going to bring us any success any time soon.

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