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02-10-2013, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jakethesnake23 View Post
Wow you probably feel more strongly about this than anyone has about anything ever. I certainly don't have the energy to keep up. The only point I have on the entire topic is that although Markstrom (may) be a better goalie and improve the team, it wont make as much difference as improving the teams overall play.

But i will ask a couple of things. Why are you insistent on only including the past 4 games? Yes we have played better lately, but did the first 6 games not happen? Was that not the Panthers playing? You cant just dissmiss half of our games played thus far. You or I dont know if we are closer to the team in the first 6 games, or the team in the last 4, so I don't think its right to act like they havent happened.
as i said in my response to erick, the first 6 games were a team playing without a system, likely due to the shortened training camp. all teams went through it, but it apparently hit ours harder than anyone.

when the team has gotten their system in place, they've played well, and look like a legitimately good team.

that's my belief anyway, and why i feel the way i do. there's no reason to believe the team will go into blatant disorganization and individual play unless dineen just loses the locker room, and i obviously see no reason to believe he will.

Second, calling the goalie "the most important position in sports" is definitely debatable (i know its a little OT) and not nearly as open and close as you suggest (Quaterbacks say hello!)

fair enough. it's the most important position in hockey, and that's not debatable.

Also, I think most would agree the Panthers have had above to well-above average goaltending throughout their history. Where has it taken us? No where. Missed the playoffs for 10 years. Why? Because the skaters havent been good enough. Same thing is happening now

no, it's not. like i said to erick - of course good goalies need a good team. it's a team game. but a good team needs a good a good goalie, too.

we haven't had that of late, and i dont think we can afford to wait around and hope we do.

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