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02-10-2013, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
we could use more offense, but i don't think that's been a big an issue as the goaltending has.

we scored 6 vs winnipeg

4 vs buffalo

2 vs winnipeg (in a tight checking game that should have been a 2-0 win. we gave the jets nothing that game and walked out with an L)

and 2 vs philly

thats 3.5 GPG over that 4 game stretch.

i'm obviouslt ommitting tonight as it is an aberration. but we created plenty of chances in the first half of this game, too. holtby just made some ridiculous stops. that happens.

i'm not saying markstrom is going to turn this team into a cup contender, we have plenty of issues aside from goaltending. if you want to hear what i think this team needs to fix in order be a cup contender, i'd be glad to elaborate.

but i do think this is a playoff team with good goaltending. just like last years was.

we haven't gotten good goaltending
Tonight was not an aberration. Once again, using stats only when they're convenient for you.

How is it an aberration, anyway? Maybe the first two games listed were the aberration? We scored 6 at home against Winnipeg (terrible defensive team) and 4 against Buffalo (another terrible defensive team).

Aside from that, it's been little to no offense. Scoring 2 goals per game is not good enough so I'm not sure why you're listing the 2nd Winnipeg game and the Philly game as good offensive games.

The aberration, based on the rest of the young season so far and the past decade of Panthers hockey, is the first two games listed.

You think we can make the playoffs with good goaltending just like last year? COOL. You know who our two goaltenders were last year? The same two we have now! Maybe we should give them more than a handful of games to turn it around! Every goalie has bad stretches over the course of a season. EVEN JONATHAN QUICK!

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