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02-10-2013, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by SeriousBusiness View Post
He has put up 42 and 47 points the last two seasons. In terms of points per game, he will in all likelihood surpass both seasons this year. Considering the abysmal teams he's played on, I don't think those are bad numbers. Do you?

If he puts up good numbers this season, we'll be having this same conversation next year. You'll be saying "oh, last year was only 48 games. I want to see what he does in a full 82 game season before feeling comfortable with him on the second line".

If it's premature to praise him after 11 games this year, then surely it's also premature to **** on other players who haven't been playing to their potential. But that hasn't stopped posters here from doing so. So which is it? Are 11 games enough to make judgements or not?
First off his issues have been consistency (rack up a lot of points and then go quiet), defense, faceoffs, and strength. Have we seen Gagner go on similar streaks in his career? ie. 10 points in 11 games? I'm pretty sure that we have, as a matter of fact he did that in his rookie year. It's called a hot streak until he shows that he can maintain it.

As for crapping on other players, IMO in the case of Whitney it is well deserved, for a number of other guys it's either based on this season + our past viewings of them, or in some cases it's nitpicking. And in case you didn't know his offensive production doesn't worry/bother me the kid has good hands and can dish the puck very well, it's the other parts of his game 6 years into his career that leaves me wanting more.

Originally Posted by Oiltankjob 4 93 64 View Post
I guess it would depend on what teams needed, a team looking for scoring might consider a 3/4th dman . Gagner has his limitations as a player but he still is a productive one. Fans in here are to quick to jump on a player when he has a bad game MPS is another one in here he is still young with lots to offer and people are writing him off he will be in this league another decade.
He has value, but I still don't see him as our long term solution here.

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