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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Even if you have a really bad team you can end up drafting mostly in the 4-8 range. Just look at Columbus, when they first came into the league they were terrible as expected from an expansion team. But they only got 1 top 3 pick, all the rest were in the 4-8 range. It's doubly true if you have an Elite Goalie, and a young #1 D, they will steal too many games for you end up last with any consistency.

Carolina and L.A had 1 "tank" pick each contribute to their cup (Staal & Doughty) one player doesn't make your team a tank job and one player is not enough to win you the cup which means those teams were mostly composed of Trades, UFAs, and picks outside of the top-10.

Pittsburgh's tank is not repeatable because getting Crosby and Malkin is not in any way normal for tanking teams.
Your misunderstanding is total.

I will ignore your brushing aside of Eric Staal, and move on to your confused analysis of Los Angeles.

You are the latest person to misunderstand the Kings. Los Angeles had Drew Doughty and Mike Richards on their team. One was a 2nd overall, the other was acquired for a former 5th overall. They also had Thomas Hickey, who is the inevitable overhead to account for losses. In the real world which includes busts, you probably need to draft Hickey in order to draft Doughty, Schenn, and Kopitar. A good and sound business includes room for statistically inevitable failures. Their best forward was Anze Kopitar, drafted 11th overall. We drafted a comparably good player in Ryan McDonagh at 12th overall, but we traded him for Gomez in order to make the almighty playoffs. Basically, they had 4 picks in the top-11, from which they got 3 great players who made their cup run.

Pittsburgh's tank may not be repeatable, but Chicago's is. I agree, getting Fleury, Whitney, Crosby, Malkin, Staal over five years is unlikely; but getting Kane and Toews is not, and neither is getting Galchenyuk and Drouin. In any case, the odds against a Pittsburgh-style rebuild are no lower than the odds against signing Zdeno Chara in the offseason -- the latter is one of the greatest UFA signings of all time; never minds the odds of drafting a generational talent like Lidstrom in the 3rd round.

You also bring up the "point" that trades and UFA signings are also important. Quite frankly, everybody knows that you need more than just top-5 drafting to win a cup. With that said, it's the most solid start you can have to putting together a championship-caliber team. It's not sufficient. but it's the best start.

Finally, none of this (Carolina only had Eric Staal, etc) is relevant to the Habs. The issues with the Habs is that our cap contention window is opening around 2016, and we should stack the deck by trading the vets who won't be around then for draft picks rather than losing them for nothing on the UFA market. We need more players who will be impact players during the period 2016-2010, and the best place to start is the 2013 draft.

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