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02-10-2013, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by PRNuck View Post
Ugh, I see they lost against Slovenia, did you get a chance to watch it?
Well I have to get over the dissapointment first

Joking aside.

Denmark dissapointed big time, they played a very bad game offensively, showed the same bad tendencies as in wc 2012. It is typical Danish, we NEED to be underdogs to perform.

Denmark had far more shots than Slovenia and won more FO's but Slovenia did deserve it, they had more heart, intencity and a much better gameplan. Tight defence and fast counterattacks.

Jensen showed flashes of brilliance, but couldn't really connect the dots, to be fair his line was the worst of them all, not including Jensen.

He had 4-5 shots and a fair amount of TOI.

He did dissapoint me, I expected more from him... But it's hard to tell as the whole of team Denmark, underperformed.

Also, it still goes to show if Jensen can work with less skilled linemates. The tendency says no on the NT and in AIK and that is not a good sign.

BUT, as said he did show some flashes of brilliance, with some slick moves and passes that his team mates couldn't finish.

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