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02-10-2013, 06:22 AM
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IMO, the Kings are proving that its not about the short turnaround from June to October that causes the hangover, its about what's between the ears.
This isn't a hangover (I hate that expression.) The Rangers arren't playing great either but it's called a slump or slow start, same as the Caps. Just because the Kings were in the's a'hangover? Nope

The Devils were in the Finals too and are the best team in the East with the 2nd best record in hockey. And they lost a top player in Parise.

Losing Mitchell and Greene is a large part of what's wrong. IT changed the complexion of how they play.

I understand Sutter's frustration , his top players, the top 6 forwards and Doughty, have not given him what it takes to win. And that has to start today. The 3rd an d4th lines will be fine. Stoll and Richards will be able to stop the goals that have been goin the other way, which has happened far too frequently this year.

The first 2 lines will struggle, and won't be effective, it's not a good mix . But Sutter had to do something. HOpefully they can keep the Wings off the board and get their PP going, take advantage of the extrra man/
And tomorrow against the Blues won't be much easier, but they're in a bad slump and could be the key game for the Kings.
If they can beat the Wings ns Blues, take 6 of 8 from this road trip, that's a good start.

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