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02-10-2013, 06:36 AM
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I'm usually not one to make excuses, but what has happened seems like the perfect storm to make this team crappy.

*We had the traditional cup hangover (everyone looks lethargic), and with the exception of Carter and perhaps one or two other guys, most guys look like they were busy partying and not hitting the gym.
*Most of our best players were not playing during the lockout and as a result came in out of shape. Those that did play look worse. Kopi got injured and is not 100% and Brown looks like he has brought the "no hitting" aspect of European hockey back with him.
*We are dealing with serious injuries.

My biggest concern right now is that we are getting so few chances from the prime scoring areas and instead rely too much on settling on shots from the point. This has lead to an obscene amount of blocked shots against us. We are also relying on Quick too much. He is coming off of back surgery and is the only goalie to start every game for his team

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