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02-10-2013, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
His fanbase has been craving a new era for the past half of a decade. If Feaster wants the Bruins to clear their cupboards, he can go pound sand. Chiarelli is more intelligent than that, and you can bet that any legitimately successful franchise has someone with at least a half a brain at the helm. No one is trading their best prospects for Iginla... and NO ONE is even going to come close to offering a player like Tyler Seguin.

Feaster can either attempt to justify his return for Iginla at the trade deadline (less than everyone will think) OR he can spend an off-season attempting to explain why he didn't get SOMETHING for his aging star after he signs elsewhere with nothing to show.
That's pretty much how I see it too..

The Rangers were able to get Nash without giving up all that much when you consider they were getting a 30+ goal scorer that is in his prime.

Iginla is in the twilight of his career. Hopefully he turns out like Selanne where he's also dangerous into his 40's and so even if the Bruins were to snag him, they could perhaps get a few seasons out of him and really make it worth whatever assets they give up to get him at the deadline. (although I could also see Chia letting him walk as to use that space to re-up his current roster as well which is also important)

Like I said earlier, Iginla would have to agree to go to the team first. Then that team would have to have the space. Then that team will have to have the assets. The first two drive the price down for Iginla by quite a bit as it immediately weeds out dozens of bottom feeding or middle of the pack teams and leaves only a couple of Cup favorites that I imagine Iginla would not mind going to.

So like you said, Feaster can ask for whatever he wants but if he wants any return at all for Iginla, he's going to have to accept less. Now, if another team like the Blackhawks or Penguins drive up the price and are willing to clean out their cupboard for Iginla, I say the Bruins should immediately step out of the hunt. But I also just don't see that happening.

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