Thread: Injury Report: Peter Regin: Chest Injury
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02-10-2013, 09:32 AM
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I think what annoys me the most about Regin is that we're constantly juggling around someone who is essentially a bottom-6 NHL forward. The one poster makes a good point about Cowen. Same with Spezza. The difference is that those guys are impact players. Cowen is a top-4 defender and will be top-2 soon. He's huge and hits a ton. I expect some injuries although I'm still worried now that he's had two big ones this early in his career.

Spezza is a guy the entire offense revolves around. Sorry, but I'm willing to give him more latitude. He is not replaceable. Regin is. That's the bottom line.

I think some people here believe Regin is this star waiting to explode who's just been overlooked because he's Danish and because he's had some freak injuries and everything is just not his fault.

Look, he seems like a great team mate. He's got talent. But is it also possible that he's just basically Eric Condra in different form? Good PK'er. Shows flashes of great play with the puck. Has a few really good games. But ultimately he's a totally replaceable player who needs to be in the lineup consistently so that he doesn't get replaced.

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