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02-10-2013, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by JetsFlyHigh View Post
What do you mean when the population shifts fully? The future is unclear, especially when it comes to opportunities. South is not a sure greener pasture, well it is now. But it doesn't mean growth in the south is equal to the population in the north shrinks.

As an immigrant to North America, I know for a fact that yes, opportunities attract people, but living in a populous city is a lot harder especially in jobs. I was born in a +40 million city and immigrated to a city with 750K, and honestly, opportunities are better in a smaller city. Movements to the south is only conditional and not permanent.

Let's not assume that every person from NE is a hockey fan, and let's stay clear of population = viability in hockey. 'Cause clearly it's not.
False, Tokyo has a population of 13 Million in the city and a total metropolitan population of 35 Million that's the largest metro in the world

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