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Originally Posted by Pine View Post
Pretty sure Sheldon Souray could have yielded Bobby Ryan (or another king's ransom) at the time. We missed the playoffs and Souray left for Edmonton, leaving us with nothing to show for.
I don't think Souray alone would've done it. Burke said he was willing to move Ryan but not for a rental. Koivu and Souray would've got it done though and we could've asked for picks on top of it.

That's what I suggested way back then.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
And you've been right for years.

Right now though, Bergevin better hurry up. There's a flip side to your and my and others analysis that the Habs cup contention window is opening soon: it also means that the rebuilding window is closing soon. Once Galchenyuk, Tinordi, Beaulieu, etc become good players and once Gionta, Kaberle, etc have their cap hits cleared from the team the rebuilding window will be closed. We will be an 8th or 9th place team even if everything goes wrong.

We're running out of time to stack the deck, I think this season is it, it's now or never to get another top-5 pick and to sell some veterans for 1st rounders. If we don't do it now, we'll have to wait until the next rebuilding cycle in 2020 or so or probably beyond to compile a championship-caliber roster.
I know. That's why I've been saying we should do this now. When I saw our hot start this year I figured there was even a chance (and there still might be) that the window is closed already.

Galchenyuk has sped up this process considerably. And that's a good and bad thing.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
And what exactly was the price for grabbing Bobby Ryan? It certainly wasn't a couple months of Souray. Burke was a huge Ryan fan and there was likely nothing we could've offered to get him. It's easy to say we should go after guys like Ryan and JVR but this isn't he 80s or 90s where veterans are more valued then top picks.
Ryan could've been had for Koivu and Souray. No way Burke turns that down. And we probably get first round picks out of it too.

As for JVR, years ago I suggested dealing Markov or Cammy for him. I was laughed at. Now... it doesn't seem so funny anymore.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
You do realize rebuilding with top picks is not the only way to build a championship caliber team right
Sure. But it works.
Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I don't agree on trading Markov. His value is reduced due to his history, and his upside is massive. He could pull a Chelios and play effectively for the next 6 years.

We will not get enough value for him.
You can't equivalate a 34 year old Markov with a 28 year old Chelios. And in the Chelios case we didn't trade for a younger player... we got super shafted on that one. I'd say we should've dealt for a younger player there except that we were actually contenders back then so that wouldn't have made sense either. We just should've kept Chelios.

On one hand you say his value is reduced and on the other his upside is massive... its got to be one or the other right? I get what you're saying but teams aren't stupid. They know what they're getting with him - a supreme PP guy with a couple of years left in the tank.

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