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07-06-2006, 11:55 AM
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This is a team that has to recall it's top goalie prospect just to use in practice last year, I'd prefer to keep the depth and a move at this point or before the season would be foolish.

Valiquette was likely not hired to be the backup but to serve as a veteran goalie whose long term development is not the concern of the organization.

When you recall a Montoya or a Holt you are taking games away from them where they could start, you don't want to do that with 21 year old goalies.

when you recall Vali you don't care if he sits for5 days, you don't care if you're only recalling him for practice. At 29, it doesn't much matter anymore.

Both Montoya and Lundqvist have played a combined 100 games and both have had injuries that affected them (Montoya especially). This is an insurance move, not a prelude to a restructuring.

Between injuries at the AHL and NHL, Valiquette will serve his purpose. He also allows the Rangers the option of moving a guy like Weekes at the end of the year anyway.

This is a move that you need for the regular season and possibly serves a trade purpose in about 9 months, not in 9 weeks.

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