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02-10-2013, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
We actually pulled a few of those good moves too to improve the team (luck or no luck):
<Drafting Subban in the 2nd Rnd (he should have been top 5 overall imo...we're lucky he was available so late).
<Gorges + 1st Rnd (Pacioretty) FOR Rivet
<Galchenyuk at 3rd overall...we could have screwed that up!, but didn't!
<Halak for Eller...imo a fair deal for both teams (Eller still has not been given what DD has been given...for example a full season with a Pacioretty and a Cole...).

And more...?! (I forget but there is more I'm sure!).
But yeah...I know what you mean...make that big splash move or decision.

p.s.: some include Markov on their trade list...he always has a NO TRADE CLAUSE.
Yup, notice that the players we're excited about Max, Price, Galchenyuk and Gorges were all rebuild moves that I've advocated for. Subban was luck. Btw, Price was luck too as we had no business getting a top five that year.

Too bad we didn't do MORE of this.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Even if you have a really bad team you can end up drafting mostly in the 4-8 range. Just look at Columbus, when they first came into the league they were terrible as expected from an expansion team. But they only got 1 top 3 pick, all the rest were in the 4-8 range. It's doubly true if you have an Elite Goalie, and a young #1 D, they will steal too many games for you end up last with any consistency.
Drafting 4 to 8 isn't that bad dude. And you can always try to move up in the draft using that pick.

Besides what we're saying is to trade for prospects and picks. You finish where you finish and it is what it is. In the meantime you make rebuild moves.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Carolina and L.A had 1 "tank" pick each contribute to their cup (Staal & Doughty) one player doesn't make your team a tank job and one player is not enough to win you the cup which means those teams were mostly composed of Trades, UFAs, and picks outside of the top-10.

Pittsburgh's tank is not repeatable because getting Crosby and Malkin is not in any way normal for tanking teams.
You are being silly here.

Drafting high for a period of time usually will net you a superstar. Sometimes it takes several picks to get one (Detroit) and sometimes you only need one (Minnesota/Dallas).

Drafting high is most definitely repeatable. The Kings drafted top 11 for four straight years and top five for two. Is it a surprise that they got at least one key player out of it? No. Is it surprising they got two key players out of it? Not really man.

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