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Originally Posted by longtimeoilfan View Post
Where does one play him? He is a RW, so in Eberle's place? Hemsky? Yakupov is a RW - and the latest #1 pick - and the team is playing him on the LW. How is Cheechoo defensively - to be a 'role' player on the bottom six?

The Oilers are lacking effective team composition (for lack of a better way to say it), will Cheechoo help this?

It might sound odd to say but winning is not all about points, its about team roles and players playing their role (and having players that suit their roles). Its a team game. I would love to see Cheechoo make it back into the NHL, and great if the team is the Oil - but only if it makes sense from the team standpoint.

Points are meaningless if they do not equate to wins. And teams win games, not point streaks. Has Cheechoo a role to play (a role he can effectively play) on the Oil? If so, sign him... if not, I wish him luck on his future endeavors.
If you have a chance at grabbing a quality NHL player (and it's a chance, AHL doesn't always translate to NHL) for peanuts in a salary cap world. You do it, no questions asked.

If he doesn't fit a role on this team, he just walks away at the end of the year. As long as it's not a Barker-esque contract, you won't lose much.

If he does fit a role on the team, you keep him. Our wings are crowded, but let's say if he can provide the same offence that Hemsky can with some added physicality and at a portion of the price. Well, you just opened up a huge trade asset then. You can trade for a role you need because you have depth at another postion. It's the whole basis behind drafting the best player available regardless of position, and it applies to this situation too.

As I've mentioned before, as long as he's still playing physical these days, he does have a unique role for our team. A physical scoring forward, Hartikainen is our best semblance of one these days and the scoring is a bit of an exaggeration for him.

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