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02-10-2013, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by disturbedraven View Post
Actually, there is a photo that distinctly shows the bite marks. Not to mention video showing the incident. I've always been a Grabo fan, and was sad the day he got traded. But I must say as a fan of the player, I am pretty disappointed in what he did. That being said, I suspect he will only be fined. We all know **** happens during a game, whether arms get in faces or not he shouldn't have bit him, that's just bush league.
1. Open your mouth
2. Put your forearm against it
3. push back hard

There will be teeth marks and it will turn red and you didn't even bite down. Did he bite down? Maybe. But there's no proof that he actually bit down. Can't even see his mouth. They won't suspend that unless they have 100% proof that Grabo made a biting motion.

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