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02-10-2013, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by disturbedraven View Post
It's dumb but at the end of the day. If a dog bites a child, no matter the situation than the Dog is responsible. Countless animals were either put down or banned because of this. I agree circumstance can dictate/pre-meditate situations but that is not an excuse for the action. Grabo embarrassed himself and the team with that, and lost respect from me. Which is a shame since I think he a better player than to do something that bush league
A dog would not be put down for biting a child that stuck it's arm in the dogs mouth while the dog is being held down...

It's absolutely ridiculous that a guy that puts his forearm in a players mouth while said player is going nuts trying to get at another player cries foul that he had teeth marks on his arm afterwards... and yet people are eating it right up

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