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Originally Posted by Vagabond View Post
If San Jose can chance it with Gomez.. I don't see why we cant experiment with the Cheechoo Train. The man was a spark plug back when he was a scorer. I bet he'd still at least be an energy player! I think its worth the risk.

Cant hurt at this point when the Oilers just lost 5 in a row and injuries are mounting up. Ease him into the line-up starting on the 4th or 3rd line. Why the hell not!

What's the wort that can happen?

Lose SIX in a row!? ; P
Maybe... but San Jose is a very different team than the Oil. Adding someone to an established and successful roster (like San Jose) is different than adding "x" to a roster struggling to find its legs, and arguably with a lot of holes to fill. And I am not sure if Cheechoo has it in him to be an energy player, for one thing skating has never been his strong suit (imagine an energy line with him and Smyth ).

What the Oil needs are more role players... and I am not saying that Cheechoo isn't one, just that I have my doubts. The team also needs managers and a fan base that appreciates role players for what they are. The fact people still want Omark on the 4th line demonstrates to me just how misguided some people are in terms of what wins hockey games. Some want to suggest that the traditional make up of a hockey team is a thing of the past, I say that time and time again we see teams with very clearly defined lines and role players winning the races - am I saying that a fourth line shouldn't score, not at all. But a fourth line player brought in for factor "x" shouldn't be criticized because he doesn't excel at factor "y". An energy line should be made up of players who excel at being energy players, not just players who aren't quite good enough for the team's top six. And these players need to compliment each other, not be redundant in their strengths.

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