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02-10-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Oh lord. I bet you've been waiting quietly these 11 games to bust out a post like this. Fact is, outside of the Toronto game, the team has looked pretty good, even for me (I didn't think this team would be as good as they've shown so far). Taken as a totality, last night's game is an outlier, too early to tell if it is the rule or the exceptions (same thing goes for the good play prior to the leafs' game).
Wake up. Last night was the extreme demonstration of the problem the team has had for oh, a decade.

If you didn't see a problem in the Boston and Buffalo games, where other teams took over the game almost at will, combine it with the long history of 3rd period letdowns when the team wilted when the other team predictably went on it's "push" to tie or win

Edit: as for waiting for 11 games you are ridiculous. You have made it your job to hide in the bushes and ambush anyone who has a critical thought about hockey, with not so much as a sniff of logic or idea, just so you can hide your shallowness in the guise of being a more "balanced" or dedicated fan. Instead of trying to stop people from sharing ideas you should stop reading ideas you can't handle or understand.

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