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02-10-2013, 11:06 AM
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Fair enough, there's a good amount of irony in my posting. I do need to cut back on my own hysterics.

The point still stands though... its not as if we are never going to get beat and never see ugly games. We had an ugly game against a great team while A) having injuries to some important players and B) having our other impact players go MIA for a night. Its no surprise the game ended 5-1... but by reading the GDT you'd think we were back to square one under Butter again. You can call this a jinx thread but to be honest going into a game vs Vancouver in our situation had great potential to end in a mess, jinx or not. Pointing out that we have reasons to be happy doesn't mean we're doomed to eternal failure.

Things are looking up and people just can't see the forest for the trees. Big picture, guys - we're still going to have stinkers just as any team will, but mark my words this season will be an improvement. I literally stated in the OP that it was almost silly to start it after only winning two straight games. My point was that in the long run, this team has improved. We have good reason to be hopeful and any hand-wringing, superstition and despair is unfounded at this point.

We can be miserable, or we can be hopeful. Simple choice to make, and it has nothing to do with ignoring facts or reality.

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