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Originally Posted by northvanman View Post
Actually, 2nd place is still up in the air. A Windsor win over Waterloo this afternoon gives them 2nd place. A regulation loss gives Lakehead second place. An OT or SO loss by Windsor opens up a very interesting scenario because they, Lakehead, and Guelph would have identical records. I'm not sure how you work through the tie-breakers: Windsor has the tie-breaker over Lakehead; Lakehead has the tie-breaker over Guelph; Guelph as the tie-breaker over Windsor. I'm pretty sure they taught us how to solve for this in high school algebra - lol. It may go to tie-breaking procedure #4 in the post above (record within division).
I think we would get 2nd if Windsor loses in OT. 3 way tie. 1st tiebreaker is wins - all tied. Next head to head in games vs each other. Lakehead 5-3-0, Windsor 3-3-1, Guelph 3-3-1. Then go back to head to head to break the tie for 3rd. Guelph beat Windsor 2 out of 3.

Windsor win in regulation or OT:
2) Windsor 3) Lakehead 4) Guelph

Windsor loss in regulation or OT:
2) Lakehead 3) Guelph 4) Windsor

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