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02-10-2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
16 goals allowed by the habs at 5 on 5 so far.
DD was on the ice for 9 of them....and he's playing about only 15 minutes a games and not against top offensive line.

We may bench White for making two mistakes.
We may bench Eller for one bad game.

But what about the guys that make mistakes in 90% on the games?

I know, i know.....the effort is there. We can't blame him on that.
DD gave it all on the ice.

But that's even more scary, cause if the effort is there....well, it means that he won't getr any better!
Price and Budaj have combined for about a .865 SV% when Desharnais (.860%) and Pacioretty (.872%) on the ice. Markov (.890%) isn't much higher at this point either.

That is ridiculously low and won't keep up. That's the kind of stat-line that 4th line grinders like George Parros have.

Another example is Mike Richards. Right now he's sitting pretty at -6 while his goalies have posted a .784 SV% while he's on the ice. Richards is generally considered a very solid two-way player.

Again, no way the SV% stays that low.

Plekanec has been on the ice for 8 ESGA and Markov for 9 ESGA as well.

For comparison sake, only three players finished below .900 on the team last year, and only two guys who played more than 25 games. Dumont finished with a .750, but that was only 3 games. Could have been something like 3 saves on 4 shots. Gionta (.894) and Emelin (.897), where the only others.

Basically, it's an oddity to this point. Just like Price/Budaj have combined for a 1.000 SV% while Ryan White & Yannick Weber have been on the ice.

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