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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Souray was absolutely on fire that season and was the hottest commodity out there. He was coming up as a UFA though so Burke probably wouldn't have taken him alone. That doesn't mean he wasn't without value though dude.

As for Koivu... his name was bandied about all year that season because he was close with Selanne. The Ducks were coming up on a cup run and they'd be adding another center with good chemistry with their top sniper as well as the hottest offensive blueliner in the league. And they'd add these guys without touching their roster at all.
There's no way they don't make that move as it helps them tremendously for the cup drive. Hell, they'd be stupid not to make the move. I think they'd have give us at least a 1st to go along with it too.
If Burke didn't want to trade him for a rental, then he wasn't interested in dealing him for Souray which means Koivu is the center piece of your deal. With McDonald and Getzlaf already there I don't see where Koivu would fit long term. So why would you trade a great prospect for two guys who don't fit long term.

We'll probably never know what people we're offering for Souray but considering there wasn't exactly a bidding war for his services as a UFA maybe he wasn't as hot a commodity as you think he was.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Yup. And I'm sure by his career's end that's where it will stay right?

BTW, Bobby Ryan had zero career NHL points. What are his highs now? I guess you'd have laughed at that one too right?

Thanks for proving my point.
JVR is no where near the player people expected him to be and has already been traded because of it. Maybe he finally puts it together but maybe he'll end up like AK a 20g scorer who struggles with his consistency. There's always that risk when picking up picks/prospects even highly touted ones. Trading an established All-Star for that type of player is a huge risk. It seems your philosophy is who cares if he busts we will just end up sucking and get another crack at a top pick.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Neat trick. We CANT trade him because he won't get us anything... but he's going to be AWESOME. Right?
If you trade him your betting he won't return to form because your not going to get the value of #1 D man in return.

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