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02-10-2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Leighton never earned that contract. Never did it look like he could be a true starting goalie. There was a reason so many people were excited for the possibility of signing a real goalie in his place, and were angry when that didn't happen. You know what? Those people were right. As predicted, the situation utterly collapsed and led to a knee jerk over reaction that has saddled us with an awful contract and cost us our best goaltending prospect in years.

Let's also not forget the bacground to the Richards and Carter trades. The team was against the wall. We needed a goalie. We needed to sign FAs to fill roster holes, because we had zero prospects worth calling up...we also had zero cap space to do all those things, and it was abundantly clear people were going to be traded because there was no choice. Why was there no choice? Holmgren's moves. He bled prospects and draft picks (the Versteeg deal was pointless in the end, and cost us a pick. Hooray.) until the team was against that wall and he had to blow things up and do a flying rebuild. Yes, he did an excellent job with that rebuild. Let's not forget that he is responsible for creating the situation that necessitated the rebuild. Let's not forget the players he shed were important parts of another team's cup run immediately afterwards. He gambled hard and that gamble is still in progress. The mission is far from accomplished.

He's done some good stuff, but that doesn't sweep the rest of it under the carpet. If he keeps at it, how long until the team is back in the situation where it needs to trade players and rebuild? How long until one of his gambles truly blows up?
Agree with all of this.
Its only a matter of time before Bryz gets hurt or goes back to space camp and were left with ****ing MICHAEL LEIGHTON.
Giving Leighton a contract was the straw that broke the camels back for me.
And beyond Leighton.. who else is there? Cal Heeter? Hahahaha, were screwed.

Devils fans truly have had it made for the past 2 decades.

And when it comes to organizational depth..
Look at signings like Jody Shelly, Ruslan Fedotenko, sadly I have to lop Knuble into this little list, Gervais, Foster..
Guys that really have had played good NHL games but are wayy past their level of effectiveness in this league.

Ready for a new regime.

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