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Originally Posted by HabsoluteFate View Post
Over time he's gartered enough media attention that he's actually been able to make some "real" contacts...put in the "real" contacts and the "fake" contacts and you have someone that's just as random as anyone else...and I know he has "fake" contacts because he's put up a rumour I made up before
If he was a fraud...then why would McKenzie even bother posting stuff like that and be associated with him?? Give me one good reason for Mckenzie to do that other then knowing he's the real deal.
Originally Posted by BobMckenzie View Post
Everyone is free to have whatever opinion they want to have of Eklund, or anyone else for that matter, including myself, but if there are people suggesting he fabricated being at the Stanley Cup final as an accredited media member, I can tell you that he was there and accredited. He was in Carolina, he was in Edmonton. I saw him, I talked to him, quite a nice fellow.

Funny story. Sitting around having the media meal before a game in Carolina. An Edmonton radio guy was talking about stuff in general and then started to talk about "that guy who posts rumors on a website" and took a few shots at him even though he couldn't remember his name. Two people at the table knew who the radio guy was talking about -- me and Eklund. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to embarrass him. At first, Eklund didn't say anything, then he said to the radio guy very nicely, "the guy you're talking about is called Eklund and that's me." He and the radio guy actually shared a few laughs and Eklund handled the situation quite well, I thought.

Like I said, you can like him, you can dislike, you can take his stuff as gospel or you can take it as b.s., that's up to you. But he is what he is and, I don't think he tries to be anything else. As a side note, I found him to be much better plugged in during the lockout than he is now, but I can also tell you I go to his site every day because he has good people blogging there. If you want a great daily report on the Flyers, for example, or the Italian soccer team Panaccio's blog is must read. Anyway, I find his site useful, for whatever that is worth and he seems to be a pretty decent fellow, for whatever that is worth.

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