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02-10-2013, 12:05 PM
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This team is definitely better then what we had last year IMO, is it a reason to be optimistic? sure but to a certain point. We have many important players that are sidelined with injuries and if this team is to make the playoffs we need those guys. Calling this thread a jinx is absolutely ridiculous, I mean cmon do u think the flames would of won if this thread wasn't made?

It is a little premature to be making an optimism thread after 2 wins where we were lets say "fortunate" to get the 2nd one. Other teams reading a thread like this must be laughing at us, as this team has not proved anything yet to show they belong in the top 8. We got destroyed by a tired/depleted Colorado team that even the most biased Avs fan would predict us to win. Sure we played a great effort against Chicago and it was a game to be excited about but don't forget Chicago was on a back-to-back and it was not a fresh and energized Blackhawks team. So sure they have showed some glimpses of how good this team can really be but they also showed how bad they can be as well.

The point is, with 9 games played and 3 wins, I don't see why we are so "optimistic" and its not just directed to this thread its also directed to the "blow it up" threads. Its a new coaching system with a lot of new things to learn so I don't have a reason to be optimistic or a reason to think were getting a lottery pick just yet, give the team another 10-15 games around the mid-way point of the season so we can see what kind of a team we really have.

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